Toasted Jams: Music for Jah Weekend and Jah Lyfe

A review of the new Thievery Corporation album “The Temple of I & I” and some inspired listening to accompany it.

Editor’s note: The Corporate Buddha will be doing music focused posts under the “Toasted Jams” label. They will cover music both new and old, and always be completely and totally focused towards listening while consuming and enjoying cannabis.


The New: The Temple of I & I

Every good cannabis enthusiast has some familiarity with Thievery Corporation. With a career spanning 20+ years, songs like 2001: A Spliff Odyssey, Lebanese Blonde, The Richest Man in Babylon, and countless festivals and tours, they are a group that is hard to miss.

Over the course of their career Thievery Corporation has blended all sorts of genres into their music. From Bossa Nova, and eastern Indian to reggae and hip-hop and everywhere in between, their eclectic style has become signature to their sound. It’s one of the things to love about them. Each album weaves a tapestry of influences from around the world.

The best way to describe The Temple of I & I as a whole is reggae-chill. That is not to say that it lacks some tracks that are upbeat, rather overall the album is decidedly on the chill side of reggae and this is evidenced by the opening track. Signature reggae sounds meeting the bong rips of ambient chill. One can just feel stress melting away on deep riddims. In one album longtime fans will find odes to Thievery’s signature sounds and reggae enthusiasts will find a new take on a beloved genre.

“In one album longtime fans will find odes to Thievery’s signature sounds and reggae enthusiasts will find a refreshing take on a beloved genre.”

A couple of tracks offer up some solid hip-hop and a few are straight up ambient/chill in true Thievery Corporation form. As a whole, this is a great album. It’s perfect for a relaxing smoke session and warm feelings for any time of year. Got some snow where you’re at? Give this a listen and it’ll feel like summer is just a spliff away. Hanging out on the back porch in some flip-flops? Throw this on and it’ll do you just right. Also, if you have Amazon Prime, it’s free, though this is one album that merits repeat listening for years to come.


The recently uncovered: “Why don’t I know this?”

I was heading down to the market in my town to collect some fruits, veggies, spices, and Asian staples. After parking, I was making my way to get a bhan mi from a local food truck and a dude pulled up in his shiny red pick up truck. He was blasting some music – it was reggae, that much was clear – and I watched him park and then get out. The dude who got out was a black guy with dreads and a rastafarian knit hat. You know the kind. It’s large enough to hold dreads while looking nice and colorful. He seemed friendly enough, and I am always on the hunt for good, new music so naturally I asked him what he was listening to. Sho nuff, it was Stephen Marley with the song “Rock Stone”. As soon as I got home, I did a search and found the whole album “The Revelation Pt. II: The Fruit Of Life” free with Amazon Prime.

The incident described above took place a couple of months ago, but I just can’t get away from “The Revelation Pt. II.” Seriously, it’s a great record. With lots of upbeat tracks, some you might hear in a club, then just good music the rest of the way through, it holds its own. After listening from start to finish a few times, it is hard to find fault with anything. “The Revelation Pt. II” is right up there with “Welcome to Jamrock” as far as a fun, great, reggae record is concerned, and dare I say it has surpassed “Jamrock” in my book.

“A tough world meets feelgood reggae”

That being said, it is definitely a modern addition to the genre. With the use of Pitbull, Shaggy, Damian Marley, Bounty Killer, Wyclef Jean, and a whole host of others, the whole album is fresh, inspired, and striking. Great lyrics, great music, and overall a really fun, enjoyable listen.

At 24 songs including the bonus tracks at the end, you get your money’s worth. Some of the highlights are: Revelation Party – a total blast, upbeat, but chill, it will have you singing along and tapping your feet; The Lion Roars – a little bit more emotional, this is a heartfelt ode that depicts the depth this album can take; Pleasure or Pain – Busta Rhymes lends his voice to this minimalist track that shines for it’s ability to highlight lyrical work; Paradise – sensuous melodies plus Twista, it’s just awesome; Tonight (It’s a Party) – can definitely be played at your next party; Ghetto Boy – it is the surprisingly listenable story of a ghetto boy; Rock Stone – going to lose some hearing to blasting this one at high volume, just like the guy in the red pickup; When She Dances – another great song for a party or good feels.

“The Revelation Pt. II: The Fruit of Life” is a new classic. A tough world meets feel good reggae. The intro says it all. It is a clip of Charlie Chaplin’s famous speech from “The Great Dictator” imploring us to unite against tyranny, oppression, hate, and greed, set to a solemn drum beat. But despite the hardships and difficulties in life, there is a lot of fun to be had, the Fruit of Life as one might say. This is not one to be missed.


Silver Haze Strain Review 

Step aside, Jimmy because we have a new legend here!!

I picked up some Silver Haze last week and I must say that I have been blown away by the effects. With a quick onset I experienced a very clear and focused high. Green Crack and Bay Dream both left me in a very cerebral and intense state, but Silver Haze has none of that!! It was very creative, but not cloudy in the slightest. I felt fantastic but had zero difficulty in holding a conversation and keeping my train of thought. To say that Silver Haze is delightful is an understatement. With its high functioning buzz, this should be a staple in nearly every enthusiasts humidor. If you have to clean the house, take care of errands, have a conversation without seeming high, this is what you should use. 

Like most enthusiasts I respond to the Sativa/indica differences in the traditional way. However, I partake with folks who have an inverse relationship with the plant. After enjoying Silver Haze, they found it to be calming and soothing, with an element of introspection. 

With my Silver Haze experience, I can safely add it to my list of favorites, below. 

Sativa/sativa dominant hybrid:

  1. Maui Waui
  2. Blue dream
  3. Silver Haze
  4. Jack Frost
  5. Sour Diesel 

Indica/indica dominant hybrid 

  1. Blackwater 
  2. OG Kush
  3. Bubba Kush 
  4. Blueberry Kush
  5. Pure Kush 

The Most Important Vape Review You’ll Read: The 10 Month PAX2 Review 

IMG_2270In May of last year a close friend of the Puff, we’ll call him Murph-Dizzle, introduced us to the PAX2, and with that to the world of portable vaped herb. Up till then vaped herb, in our minds, was strictly reserved for massive units like the Volcano. There were power cords involved, red LCD display numbers, exact temperature settings and all manner of complications. When we heard about the PAX2 – and checked out some reviews- three of us each bought one, almost right away. Now you might be asking yourself: why we didn’t come out and review the PAX2 then when it was brand new, why this review is even relevant now, and how this can help guide your portable vape purchase decision? Friends and Countrymen, this might be the most important dry herb vape review you read. 10 months of experience means we’ve been able to use this in all manner of situations, cleaned it a number of times, figured out the battery life and charging situations, and, when the PAX3 is released, either the PAX2 will drop in price or you can learn from this and buy a PAX3. Or go with something else, like, that’s fine too.

The PAX2 is an excellent vaporizer by all accounts. TLDR: just get one if you are in the market.

First Impressions:

The PAX2 has an unboxing experience like an apple product. It comes with a charger and cord, cleaning kit, and an additional mouthpiece (tried it, stuck with the flat one). The unit itself is subtle, elegant, and has easy and simple operation. On/off and temp control are operated by a button at the center of the top end mouthpiece. All instructions are available through the website and I encourage first time owners of a PAX of any kind to watch them once.

But you can honestly see this shit in every review of it. They’ll tell you about the 4 temp settings, the party mode, the Simon Says game, all that fun shit. Whatever. That was our first week. On to the juicy shit.

The 10 Month Mark

The shit they wont tell you is that tooth picks are your friends. From stirring up the oven to get the last few rips, to knocking in the green on the oven’s ledges when you’re packing it. Even cleaning the oven out for your next use – have toothpicks on hand.

I found a great case for my PAX2. You can get it here. Waterproof, shatter proof, comes with two tubes to hold your dry herb or whatever else. Go camping, bike riding, hiking, whatever and never worry about your PAX. For the price tag, you’ll want the protection. Having used this case, I never worry about just throwing my PAX in my bag/backpack as long as its in here. I have use one tube for mellow indicas and one tube for sativas when I go to a friends for the weekend.

Charge does take a little while. But – just like your phone, plug it in at night when you go to bed, and you should be good all day. You can get about two ovens out of a charge. And the magnetic charger is pretty sweet, BUT it has to be plugged into a higher voltage charger like for an iPad or tablet. I thought mine was broken or something, but it was just plugged into a lower voltage charger like for a phone or bluetooth speaker.

Speaking of ovens and charges, when your oven is packed fresh, we’ve found that you can start on heating level two, then as you progress, go to level 3 and then 4. Also, be sure to grind up your herbs a little more than usual. Typically, I grind upside down for a few twists and then right side up to finish before filing the oven up to the ledge. I’ve found this to be pretty effective.

Lastly, be sure to draw your vape long and slow. It’s the best way to get a great rip.

Closing thoughts

The PAX2 is excellent. It fits perfectly in our lives, just as it does in your hand. Using this, I can see how a 10 year warranty is the company’s policy with these things. I know that barring losing it that I will have and use my PAX for years to come. It is an excellent and well made product, it’s discrete for using in various environments, and there’s really not much to dislike about it. It’s some good shit!

You can find them: at

However, almost all of us got ours through: ahalife and this one looks like it comes with a vacuum sealed jar.