Eating Raw Weed: A Look into the Future of Pot and Health

The Stoner’s Cookbook published the below article about eating raw weed. While reading it I was absolutely amazed by the nutritional properties of this incredible plant. It was mind blowing how much there is to take away from that article and how promising eating raw weed is!! Please be sure to read it; it’s linked at the end. I can see a future where this is an essential part of dietary health alongside basil, spinach, mint, and kale. Eat your greens, right? But after thinking about it, there are some questions. At $50 – $70 for an eighth of an ounce…surely buying cannabis for your smoothie or salad is going to be an expensive purchase.

Secondly, though the article points out the amazing and incredible properties, it does not lay out any dietary guidelines. It doesn’t inform us of how much we should eat to get the benefits. How far does 3.5 grams get us? An ounce?

Cannabis, and raw ‘food’ weed, is just too new to the dietary science scene for much research to have been done into the subject of consuming raw cannabis, but boy do we hope that people take a look into this. It is incredibly promising! Let’s say all of these findings make their way into peer reviewed work, some celebrity doctor goes on TV and says, “cannabis is the next superfood!!”, and let’s say, for the sake of argument that the superhealthfoodnut people start eating cannabis like the Koreans’ eat kimchi. I see this resulting in one of two realities. The optimal situation is that raw weed comes down in price big time, and everyone is healthier and better for it. It becomes served up like kimchi in both fancy restaurants and $10 a plate restaurants. Raw weed and smokeable weed becomes the defacto norm for most people. This scenario is like 20 years down the road, cannabis becomes normal and accepted. People are healthier and the world is a better place. We look back on the prohibition era as a major fuckup in the history of the world.

The second scenario is that prices remain high, it becomes a fad among the HealthNut elite, and only they really have the money to purchase it in the amounts required to consume it raw and reap the benefits. There are several different types of ‘food’ weed, but it’s unregulated by the FDA or regulated so poorly that the consumer never really knows what they are getting. Not widely and commercially available, in a ‘legal’ United States, roughly 40% of the market for raw weed is still black, mostly peer to peer. As a result of high prices and absurd regulations, food weed stays on the fringes of society and health. Despite the benefits it’s said to have, most people are not aware or simply are unable afford it as an option.

I hope and think, that as information is shared more and more that we can avoid the second situation. It has long been my opinion that cannabis should be widely available for adult consumption and a staple of both the medicine cabinet and a healthy lifestyle. After reading the article below, and pending scientific research, it is my hope that an edible form of cannabis can be widely available to people. If one plant – ONE PLANT – can have such incredible promise for human health in multiple forms of consumption, while being almost entirely harmless, then we as humans would need to entirely rethink health as a whole. Healthfulness could have a cannabis-centric approach. Or, at nothing less, a cannabis-centric health book or lifestyle book could be written and develop acceptance and a following if the right celebrity was attached. Haha, OK I’m a little baked, but I can envision an US Weekly headline “How I lost 15 lbs. on the Pot Diet – and Never felt better!” Or People Magazine – “Oprah’s New POT Diet – Lose weight and live happier and healthier!”  How many years away from this are we now? We can’t be that far. 3 years? 5? Cosmopolitan “How to Introduce Weed to Your Man in the Bedroom”. Men’s Health “The Ultimate Pot Regimen”. GQ “Ultimate Guide: How to Wear, Eat, and Consume Marijuana – in Style”. I just hope that in the not too distant future I can go to my local grocery store, grab some cage free eggs, nitrate free, antibiotic and hormone free turkey bacon, and some cooking weed for a healthy breakfast to start a healthy day* – and not have to pay black market prices for it.

The original Stoner’s Cookbook Article can be found here. We encourage you to read it!

*For the sake of brevity I left out a shitload of organic vegetables that I would include as part of a healthy breakfast. The example is targeted at our changing attitudes towards our food and health.