Tesla Continues its Vice Grip on Badassedry

I doubt I’ll raise many eyebrows by stating that Elon Musk is a shotgun spray of badass. Open source tech, million dollar literal moonshot prizes, and a forward thinking (and acting) leader in environmental obviousness. None of this is new to the Daily Puff audience.

What may have slipped by you, however, is a small step towards Musk’s car fleet Tesla introducing autonomous driving right now. As in fucking today. All the general tech is in place for driverless cars, we’re just waiting on big insurance to figure out how to incorporate them on our roads. Enter the gray area of law; Tesla Summon.

This feature lets your new Tesla (you pre-ordered the butterfly door Model X, right?) act as your personal valet by driving to you with the touch of a button. Right now Tesla suggests that you only use this feature on private property, but there’s not much in the way to stop you from Summoning your $100k toy to the front steps of the office or pulling up as you leave the gym. Celebrating chivalry, it opens and closes the garage door for you. Tap the keyfob or phone app to engage Summon.

Ever the optimist, Musk sees coast-to-coast Summon from your phone commonplace in just a few years. Here’s hoping that other federal laws important to the Puff family can catch up to reason in that timeframe as well.


Beach Beasts of Burden

A lonely beach has always been good to me. Melodic ebb and flow, soft sand and hot sun, blowing good in the ocean breeze; the experience always brings me closer to the earth. It feels to me like proof that all things are interconnected, and uncovers what really matters in life.

I wonder my reaction if I happened upon a Strandbeest.

Amazing Dutch artist/engineer/complete badass Theo Jansen creates his Beach Beasts as living entities, and as such each sculpture (machine? animal?) “dies” and “evolves” as he learns what works and what doesn’t. This is STEAM at its finest.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the great City of Chicago, you can see his ‘beests live and in person. Until then, roll up, lean back, and form your own interpretation.


Improve Your Sneaker Game


The sneaker game is big business, and it ain’t that way on accident. Inundated with images of athletes, rappers, and even Mark Cuban’s weak-ass Sketchers commercials, it’s hard to escape the Don Draper marketing effect. While I get by with a sturdy pair of Red Wings, slip-on Birkenstocks, and a couple pairs of Vans, I realize where they all end up; at best the landfill, at worst washed up on a pristine beach.

Nice steps are being taken for those that give a shit about our future: Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe and Adidas 3D-printed Ocean Plastic shoes are great gestures by the big boys, but my favorite is a small player from Amsterdam. Oats, pictured above, not only look dope but are fully biodegradable. Put your favorite seeds in the stash pocket in the tongue, bury them, and watch your harvest bloom.

And trust me, Jordan will eat just fine without your $250 this month.


From Fear to Beauty

First off, I realize what I’m doing to you Puff fans with this post. While many seek out unique experience and visuals with your daily puff, knee-jerkers might immediately see a see a nightmarish creature and skip right on by. That said, photographer Nicky Bay will change an outlook with these insane micro looks at some of the most hauntingly beautiful examples of evolution in our six and eight-legged cohabiters. If only I had a photo of that banana spider I found in my mid-range when I was 15…

bird dung spider

Bird Dung Spider

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