Getting what is really important to you

This year had a lot of ups and downs, both globally and for individuals. A lot happened, and it effected people differently. Only in November did we discover the blind eye that we turned towards our fellow citizens and mankind. As we gather with family, loved ones, friends, and even strangers around the table for our holidays, it is important to be thankful for so many things this year – but it is also important to begin looking ahead and planning for a successful next year.

It is no secret that distractions have grown more abundant in the past year. Whether it is some asshole’s glorified life on Instagram, or that dude you went to high school with posting photos of his new car on Facebook, or Twitter pictures of someone making a ‘snow’ angle in a pile of fat, delicious green nugs, this stuff doesn’t help us – it only hurts. Of course I’d love to have access to a room full of fresh kush, or own a Tesla, or have every moment of my life be ‘gram worthy, but that just isn’t how life works and the chasm between the ideals put forth on social media and our own lives only grows and fills with negativity.

So what is really important to you? Maybe it is the people you are spending holidays with. Maybe it is the pursuit of a goal or a dream. Maybe you don’t know the answer, and there’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you actively seek the answer (living a life unexamined is no different then being a zombie caught in a time loop; how depressing is that?). Find and articulate what is important – really important – to you. Write it down in a notebook. This simple act is immensely helpful and can increase your chances of bringing more of that into your life.

The next step to a better year of life is to remove the aforementioned distractions – or to ruthlessly focus them towards what is really important to you. Let’s say that spending more time with close friends and family is the most important thing to you. The next time you log into Facebook, spend the first 10 minutes going through your friends and unfriend anyone who you wouldn’t send or want to receive a holiday or birthday card from. This would focus your newsfeed on just those people in your life who are really important to you. This principal can apply to anything. Basically tuning out the noise of useless shit that relentlessly tries to get us to consume, buy, and indulge our Id is just going to make you happier.

Next year I want to spend more time outdoors, in the wilderness, hiking and camping. Allowing myself to drop down into the rabbit holes of unrelated social media, news feeds, or news sites isn’t going to help me accomplish that. Now researching places to go in my area, hikes to take, and maybe a big trip or two would be a much better use of my time and bring more of what is important to me into my life. Next year I want to spend more time writing on this blog as well. Guess what isn’t going to help with that? A whole bunch of social media. Even stuff like GQ, Backpackers Magazine, Vogue, etc., it’s all oriented to try to get us to spend money on shit we don’t need, distract us from what we want out of life, and delay – possibly indefinitely – the stuff that is really important to us. When you lay on your deathbed, are you really going to be scrolling through social media or reflecting how much of your life was wasted wrapped up in it?

Even in this past year I’ve seen the cannabis industry get on board with this. How many vaporizers and pieces do we really need? Is buying another one really important to us? Or is it just another way to spend money and let shit collect around our houses? I have a PAX2 vape and I absolutely love it. Often times I see pictures of other vapes and I slip into a “ooohh lala, what is this?” trap. After a few seconds I snap out of it, kill the app, and move into a different thought progression. Is it easy? No. I’m human; we are human. Of course we are going to be side tracked by that shiny thing over there. By removing some of the distractions and some of the “BUY” triggers, writing down what is really important to us, and staying focused on that, we can get closer to the life we so desire. Don’t get trapped by shit. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole like a sucker. Next year starting today we can take charge of our lives and get closer than ever before to the things that are really important to us.