Daily Puff News Round-Up 29 March 2016

Dangerous plants, badass animal attacks, US history gets even more racist, the one new thing you can’t enjoy summer without, and new Trailer Park Boys!

Holy mother of god, I just learned about a shitstorm of a plant. This plant can cause so much pain with just a single brush, it has driven people and animals to suicide. This thing is seriously a demon plant creating hell on earth for anything that runs afoul of it. If it were driven to extinction, I don’t know that it would necessarily be a bad thing. Even breathing around it can cause allergic responses, respiratory issues, and may result in hospitalization. Any way you look at it, it’s the exact opposite of the cannabis plant. (Contact results in months or years of pain and suffering, has no use to humans.)



We have found one MAJOR thing that will change the way we cannabis enthusiasts enjoy our time outside! I saw a video for an almost identical product that ultimately led me to this. With the additions of an anchor loop, cup holder, phone/tablet/book holder, I don’t know if there is anything more amazing than this…what the heck do you call it? Chair? No. Hammock? Closer, but no. Air bag? Ok, Air bag kind of works. It floats, it can seat three, and you can spend a good chunk of the day in the thing and not regret a single minute. I have a vision of me chilling in this bad boy with my two UE Boom speakers on either side playing some reggae, smoking a pipe, enjoying an adult beverage, sitting outside in the sun or shade with an ear to ear grin plastered on my face for multiple hours. Heck, I can even see taking this on a lake or a friends pool. You can take it in a pool! This will especially come in handy at music festivals as well. What more could you want?


The Brotherman found this article and sent it to me. It’s old, but that shouldn’t matter. This dude used a pocket knife to defend against an attack by a cougar. The whole story is utterly badass, as is the guy involved, and it serves to underscore the importance of always carrying a pocket knife with you wherever you go – as most of us at the Daily Puff do.


This story is the only one here that gave me that sinking feeling in my stomach. The kind of stomach-pit that is filled with dread, disgust, and anger. Confirming long held assumptions by many anti-drug war advocates, we know now that the complete failure known as The War on Drugs was started as a way to target far left dissidents and African Americans. With this coming to light, it’s time to end this costly and terrible war and divert all of the funding to NASA and asteroid defense initiatives.


Trailer Park Boys season 10 now out on Netflix! After bingeing the first 6 episodes, I can honestly say that I am enjoying it. I had read that some people didn’t like it, but there’s a chance that they were not medicated enough to go with the flow and enjoy it. I have been having a good time with it and I think their expansion into the world of Sunnyvale is pretty cool. My opinion might change upon finishing the 10th season, but so far, it’s a greasy good time.


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