The Art of Balance Album Review

Mighty Mystic – The Art of Balance

I just picked up this album at the local record store (iTunes) today to get the vibes during the day that I can only indulge in outside of the workplace. And I am pleased to say that it is pretty awesome. It’s a roots reggae with some incredible rock guitar laced throughout like some nice dabs wrapped around a six paper joint.

As a whole, the tracks on the album contain enough diversity of sound to keep you from getting bored without losing the relaxing reggae vibe. This is an album you can pump on your speakers, spark up a spliff, and head to the beach with. However, Mighty Mystic doesn’t shy away from using some songs to address some difficult issues. For instance, “Red Light Girl” is about exactly what you think it’s about, but the verses contain the nuances and insight to paint a picture of an individual and the struggles and systems that lead to a young, good looking, smart girl getting into prostitution. It’s a solid song, though not the most uplifting one on the album (but it’s reggae so how down can you really get?).

On the other end of the spectrum, you have “How I Rock” which fits perfectly with some good headphones, a long board, and a paved beachfront path. “High Grade” is a cool addition that is ideal for sparking up whatever indica you got and straight chillin’ to the sounds of Jamaica.

One thing that adds an amazing dimension on almost all the songs are the guitar solos. A smooth, clean electric guitar lifting you up and carrying you across the tops of the clouds. Sometimes it sounds almost Santana-esq and other times it has me thinking about Slightly Stoopid. Either way its a great add that helps this album stand out against other reggae I’ve stumbled across.

I am quite fond of reggae music, though I am not well versed and lack a depth of knowledge into the scene itself. That being said, I spent $10 on this record to scratch a pretty gnarly reggae music itch and I am very pleasantly surprised! It was a $10 well spent and it has inspired me to dig further into Mighty Mystic and his contemporaries. It has me wanting to go see live reggae music pretty badly and craving the arrival of summer something fierce. If you need some good vibes to add to your next experience, definitely give this a go. You’ll be happy you did.

5* out of 5*. Highly recommended. Excellent cannabis music. Couldn’t find any reasons to drop a star.


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