Cannabis-Infused Exercise

I’ve been experimenting with light cannabis use prior to my workouts for the past several weeks, and the results have been impressive, though slightly counter-intuitive at face value.  When viewed through the historic lens of lethargy, couch-lock comas, and an air of demotivation and apathy, exercise and cannabis seem to be enemies diametrically opposed. However, power users can attest that this historic lens is a false representation of the actual effects that this wonderful plant can produce. In fact, the strain, composition, and even the users’ mindset can drastically change the consumptive effects.

I’ve found the best pre-workout fuel to be 2 to 4 hits on the Pax2 at heating level 2, 10 to 15 minutes before walking through the gym doors.  This gives ample time for the calming, focused effect to wash over and put me in the zone for that days exercise. I find a hybrid (light on The indica) is a great mix as it combines a focused mind with a relaxed body.

Here are a few of the results I’ve personally experienced. *Mandatory Disclaimer: The below experiences are reflective of a daily medicator and anyone deciding to follow a similar experiment should be very familiar with their individual tolerance and their personal reactions before introducing canabis to their regimen.*

Core body temp rise and Accelerated heart rate with less vigerous work. As ganja can accelerate your resting heart rate (the reason movies or TV are SO Intense!), you’re starting off on an elevated baseline. So you’re getting more bang for your buck as your HR will be slightly higher compared to the same work load or level completely sober.  Higher heart rate during exercise raises the body temp as blood volume circulation increases, forcing sweating and accelerating the metabolism.

More in tune to body, breathing, and muscles. This is a big focal point I’ve noticed. I am extremely intuned to each movement and the effect on and response from my individual muscles and my body as a connected machine. There is a complete, laser focus on the task at hand without outside influences clouding the mind. From breathing concentration, to full range of motion during lifting reps, to a rhythmic groove during a run or other cardio exercise, I am in the moment, fully connected to the task at hand. It adds a theraputic element to the workout, contrasted with a sober view of dreading the intensity or having the mind wander to other outside influences instead of being in the present moment.  One of the biggest benefits of exercise is the physical and emotional reaults, and cannabis helps inspire and direct focus towards that well-being in my experience.

Higher degree of set and rep completion along with a plateau breaking desire to keep pushing. This is another benefit I’ve been impressed by. There is a determination to complete the reps, sets, mileage, or timing goals that are set by the workout. Cannabis creates an internal competition where I don’t want to admit defeat and I’m able to push through for that last 20 seconds or the last 3 reps when my body is saying “That’s it”.  My cannabis brain says, “just a few more; push through this temporary pain for long term payoff”.  The result is a better workout and a consistent improvement to push through perceived barriers.

Stretching. Finally, when I’ve completed the days’ workout, there is one more benefit that cannabis provides and it’s in the arena of stretching. It relates back to being connected with your muscles, and I feel it allows me to really get deep into my stretches because I am able to feel that stretch in a more complete way than without the cannabis influence. Its a way to regulate the breathing, get tension relief into those areas you just pushed to an extreme, and connect mentally to the positive effects of the exercise that you just completed.

All in all, I feel that cannabis and exercise are great compliments to one another and allow for a total mind-body well-being combination.

If you’ve had any experience related to cannabis and exercise, please share your insights in the comments section. 


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