The sneaker game is big business, and it ain’t that way on accident. Inundated with images of athletes, rappers, and even Mark Cuban’s weak-ass Sketchers commercials, it’s hard to escape the Don Draper marketing effect. While I get by with a sturdy pair of Red Wings, slip-on Birkenstocks, and a couple pairs of Vans, I realize where they all end up; at best the landfill, at worst washed up on a pristine beach.

Nice steps are being taken for those that give a shit about our future: Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe and Adidas 3D-printed Ocean Plastic shoes are great gestures by the big boys, but my favorite is a small player from Amsterdam. Oats, pictured above, not only look dope but are fully biodegradable. Put your favorite seeds in the stash pocket in the tongue, bury them, and watch your harvest bloom.

And trust me, Jordan will eat just fine without your $250 this month.



Improve Your Sneaker Game

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